Pantanal Jaguar Cruise (7D/6N)

Posted by Admin on March 08, 2018

Sprawling over an estimated 175,000 square kilometres, the vast Pantanal wetlands are Brazil´s top wildlife destination. Much of the Pantanal is a wild and inaccessible place and much of the land is seasonally flooded. Consequently, the Pantanal´s most beautiful reaches, along with the region’s most spectacular resident – the jaguar, mostly remain hidden from view. 

In September this year, the all-inclusive Minas do Pantanal raises anchor and sets out on a unique one-week cruise through four protected wildlife reserves in the heart of the Pantanal. For a select few, this maiden voyage presents a unique opportunity to venture deep into this biodiversity hotspot, with a realistic chance of spotting the elusive jaguar and other game such as giant otters, tapirs, anteaters, caiman, capybara and an astounding array of birdlife.  

The Minas do Pantanal is a modern vessel. Five ensuite cabins, an air-conditioned dining room and an observation deck equipped with comfortable sofas guarantee comfort and exclusivity, but it is the daily safari experience (with a focus on Jaguar spotting) that really completes the picture. Daily game viewing (morning and afternoon), under expert guidance, takes place in lighter launches, which are able to navigate much narrower channels and shallower waters. Needless to say, return transfers to Cuiaba are included. 

This is a limited offer, and there are only two departure dates in 2018:

  • September 16th to 22nd (Cáceres to Jofre)
  • September 22nd to 28th (Jofre to Cáceres

Prices per person in USD:


  • Day 1 – Transfer in / Cuiaba + transfer by road to the cruise departure location in Cáceres or Jofre. Reception, board the Minas do Pantanal.
  • Day 2 – Cruise towards the Taiaman Ecological Reserve. Morning and afternoon game viewing excursions along the way.
  • Day 3 – Exploration of the Taiman Ecological Reserve along the Paraguay River and cruise towards a region known as Conception Port. 
  • Day 4 – Morning river safari and cruise further along the Paraguay River towards the “Amolar” mountain chain.
  • Day 5 – Visit to an archaeological site at Gaiva Hill and cruise towards the Pantanal National Park. Afternoon river safari inside the National Park.
  • Day 6 – Morning river safari and cruise towards Porto Jofre. Afternoon river safari exploring the Meeting of the Waters State Park.
  • Day 7 – Disembark and game viewing by vehicle along the dirt road in the Transpantaneira Park and transfer to Cuiaba. 

Jaguars are elusive predators. Add to this the fact that their territories are confined to remote and difficult to access habitats, spotting these cats generally requires off the beaten track excursions in lightweight launches, expert trackers and a fair share of patience! A number of lodges in the Pantanal offer specialized jaguar packages and excursions:  

  Jaguar Expeditions Boat           Porto Jofre          Baiazinha Lodge