Cristalino Lodge joining the fight for a greener world

Posted by Safari on September 05, 2017

Here at Ideia Tours, we are always as selective as possible when it comes to local suppliers, environmentally-friendly logistics and, of course, our choice of both hotels and eco-lodges. As such, we felt it was well-worth highlighting some of the great work, green practices and environmental initiatives which we have been thrilled to see at the award-winning Cristalino Lodge, one of the foremost eco-retreats in the heart of the Amazon. Their commitment can be seen first-hand, demonstrated through many actions such as the: 

  • Joining-up with local NGOs and conservation groups, including the management of a forest protection program covering nearly 30,000 Amazonian acres
  • Well-considered architecture throughout their property’s design, which among other things utilizes the elements, such as natural ventilation
  • New techniques and protocols relating to waste disposal
  • Installation of extensive solar paneling to power guestrooms
  • Separation of organic, recyclable and domestic waste through a designated bin system
  • Increase in organic compost based on kitchen waste, used in onsite vegetable and herb gardens
  • Limitations placed on excursion numbers, aimed at protecting trails and leaving wildlife undisturbed
  • Continual reminder for guests to minimize the overuse of hand and bath towels
  • Involvement with and contributions to various social, cultural and economic development projects within the surrounding local community 

On top of all this, Conde Naste and Travel & Leisure awarded Cristalino the ‘World Savers’ and ‘Global Vision’ awards respectively, in 2008 and 2012. For us, these efforts - which are highlighted by our green leaf icon, next to each eco-friendly accommodation in our online rate section - are extremely important to build confidence with us as a company, and with our clients, who also understand how essential responsible travel is, on every level.