Brazil destination management

The largest country in Latin America, Brazil covers an area comparable to that of continental USA or Europe, making it a land of diverse landscapes and climates. From tropical beaches to cool mountains, from virgin forest to arid backlands, from peaceful countryside to bustling metropolis, Brazil is full of great contrasts.

Brazil's diversity is echoed by her inhabitants, descendants of the world's greatest melting pot: Amerindian, European, African and Oriental peoples have together created an amazing wealth of different cultural traditions, folklore and cuisine. Brazil has become the economic powerhouse of South America and her enormous potential for tourism has attracted massive public and private investment over the last decade, ensuring that visitors are well cared for and take back cherished memories of this remarkable country.

There are still many unspoilt places to be discovered and Brazil is a country that treasures the enjoyment of life, whether through the beautiful landscapes, the legendary passion for football, the colour and exuberance of carnival or simply through the famous warmth and hospitality of the Brazilian people.